Inspire to Inspire

The Story of Inspire to Inspire

Jema - The Artist Behind the Project


"My name is Jema, storyteller and artist. I encourage others to uncover their authentic selves through connection and creativity."

The project idea for Inspire to Inspire came out of a brainstorming session with my husband. What could we do with the outside of this RV? Being an artist, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a public art project, a free project which focused on connecting people to their inspirations and connecting communities across the globe. Learn more about Jema.

How do I Participate?

Answer these three simple questions to participate in this international public art project:

  1. What is your name? (first, last initial)
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What inspires you? (passions, when you feel excited/joy/serenity/love, etc)

What is Public Art?

Public art is any work of art which will be seen free by the public in a public space. Such examples are at metro stations, on city side walks, and in public buildings. The art can also have the element of community involvement in which the art is created with public help.

What is Inspiration?

For this project, an inspiration would "produce a positive feeling or thought in your life" or be a "divine influence upon your mind or soul". (I know you have at least one in there my friend, let's hear it, the world is in need of a little inspiring!)

Do you know what inspires you? Add to the project now!

Need some ideas to get you going? Check out the Participant List for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you paint your RV those bright colors?

No, we actually overlapped 3½" diameter vinyl decal circles on our motorhome. We obtained these through DecalMeNOW. They are not only our sponsor, but a fabulous online vinyl decal shop. They have custom decal ordering, and everything from pop culture decals for your vehicle to personal monograms for phones, laptops and suitcases. Gregg and Sara will personally answer any questions you have because they are cool like that. Take a peek at their decal collections!

So, this is how you make your living?

Nope. I do this for free, and for fun.

You must be retired?

My husband and I are definitely not retired, darn it.

If you are not retired, why are you living full time on the road?

I live full time with my family on the road because I choose to. Our culture has tried to convince us to make more money and buy more things, while also saying one can only enjoy happiness and traveling after retirement. My husband and I choose to believe otherwise, living simply and traveling with our children is such a gift, and valuable beyond material wealth.

What is it like driving a crazy, colorful RV around the United States?

With the size of this RV it can be crazy for sure. We have to watch the roads, tunnels, and traffic. The look on some people's faces when they spot the brightly colored RV is worth the effort. It is fun to watch construction workers shake their heads and laugh, as well as smiling kids pointing out the rig to their parents. Fun and crazy would sum it up.

How do people react when you tell them about your project?

The response is split between people who are really excited to be part of an original idea, while others are skeptical and uncomfortable. We have also run into some rigid thinkers who disagree with the design of the RV being anything but the usual mingling of striping, preferably with coloring that matches the vehicle in tow. I guess we are rebels.

What have you learned in general, about people?

People are good at heart, some have ugly coping behaviors. We have had a highly positive experience with the people we meet on the road. We have also found that it takes some work to step outside the comfort zone, especially if you are asking people to be vulnerable, personal and creative.

What are your favorite inspirations so far?

There are so many! I really enjoy it when people list specific inspirations that connect with them.
Here are ten faves:

  • Merlot in a goblet
  • Beating cancer
  • Survivors (esp. of physical, emotional abuse)
  • Sailing in the dark
  • Dancing in the living room
  • Reinvention
  • 85 year olds at our aerobic classes
  • Creation
  • People fighting eating disorders
  • Belief in self

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to encourage others to listen to that small voice calling them to grow outside of their comfort zone. Step out of the box! Face your fear to follow your passions. Our life is about the journey, isn't it time you were free to begin yours?

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